Fusion Core Games

Our first project is Heavy Gear: Dreadnoughts. More exciting developments to come!

Heavy Gear: Dreadnoughts

Heavy Gear: Dreadnoughts is a new tabletop miniatures game of tactics and strategy set in the colonial strife of the 62nd century. Assemble epic armies of tanks, heavy gears, striders, and aircraft, and deploy them from your fleet of landships: hovering fortresses bristling with firepower. Seize objectives, complete missions, and lead your mighty forces to victory over entire regions of the war-torn world of Terra Nova.

  • Easy-to-learn combat system
  • Finely detailed Fleet Scale landship models
  • Fast play - a standard game takes one hour
  • The long-awaited return of landships to Heavy Gear gaming

Following on the successful Kickstarter launch of Heavy Gear Blitz, Dream Pod 9 and Fusion Core Studios are partnering for a Fall 2016 Kickstarter to fund the production of high-quality injection-molded plastic landship miniatures and a boxed starter set with full-color rulebook, sturdy datacards, terrain templates, and two full Terra Novan armies.