About Fusion Core Games

Founded in 2013 by Wunji Lau, Fusion Core Studios is a game publishing company specializing in tabletop miniatures games, boardgames, and card games. Based in Indianapolis, IN, Fusion Core Studios' staff is composed of experienced creators, writers, artists, and developers with a lifelong love for games and gaming.

The company's first product is Heavy Gear: Dreadnoughts, a science-fiction tabletop miniatures game, due for release in Fall 2017. Fusion Core Studios has partnered with Dream Pod 9 to license Heavy Gear and bring an epic and long-awaited part of the game's rich futuristic setting to the gaming table.

Following Dreadnoughts, Fusion Core Studios will be creating new games and universes in other genres.

Our Team

  • Wunji Lau: President and Creative Director
  • Dave Schleppenbach: QA Coordinator
  • Doug Jessee: Editorial
  • Mike Finkelstein: Webmaster and Media Developer
  • Gustaf Ekelund: Art and Design
  • Tony Baltera: 3D Modeling
  • Greg Perkins: Graphic Design